Child Treatment

12Teeth treatment should never be associated with fear or stress situations - is the most important principle of our clinic philosophy. This applies to patients of all ages.

Practical child treatment should meet all characteristics of child’s age. Parents on their part should take care of the correct development of the jaws, teeth and oral cavity no less than of the other aspects of child’s growth.

The most important for us is to keep and maintain a sense of joy when visiting a dentist. To create an aura of trust little patient should be taken to a dental clinic in a very early age. This will allow to developer relationship between the child and the dentist with out fear and stress and help keeping good health and a radiant smile for life.

When it is necessary, the treatment of children is performed with general anesthesia / safe sedative medications with the mandatory presence of a highly qualified anesthesiologist. Particular attention is paid to the quality of anesthetics and lack of side effects after the anesthetization.

Give your children a chance to maintain their natural, healthy teeth as long as possible. Contact us with preventive care and treatment questions for children - it is our pleasure and responsibility to help you and your children!