Dental Implants

11Dental implants allow us to preserve the function of the teeth-jaw system after the loss of one or more teeth. The implant - is the best and the most aesthetic way to replace a missing tooth. It allows us to restore the dentition and save the natural harmony of healthy teeth at the same time.

The implant is an artificialtooth root made of titanium alloy which has an excellent tissue biocompatibility. Artificial root is placed into the jaw bone under a local or general anesthesia. Healing phase does not last long and the implant becomes firmly overgrown by the alveolar bone tissue, around which the gums are formed. Due to the strong fixation of the implants inside the bone, they can well sustain chewing function. At the end of the treatment an artificial tooth root is covered by the permanent crown, bridge or denture.

The use of the latest achievements in medical science and dental surgery guarantees success in function restoration, appearance and, ultimately, the quality of a patient’s life. High professionalism of our doctors, combined with years of experience in the field of implantology allows us to achieve maximum success in the application of modern implant therapy even with a minimum amount of jawbone tissue.

  • Implantation
  • Jaw bone augmentation with autogenous bone
  • Jaw bone augmentation with synthetic bone replacement material
  • Bone tissue transplantation
  • External / internal sinus floor elevation